Our Time

Yesterday morning, I was getting ready to leave for work. James says to me as I walk by, “I like to see you in profile.”

Today, I was making pancakes. He tells me he’s had one of those moments of disbelief we sometimes get. “How did I end up with Sara? Married to this woman?” I know what he means. Sometimes it seems so surreal. This guy, my friend, here we are, married, and having a baby, even.

Last night at bedtime, James was fading into sleep. I was on my side and the baby was moving around. Thumping against the inside of my belly, right against where my hand was resting on it. I pushed back a little bit, like playing a little game. I was suddenly not sleepy at all anymore. And I couldn’t stop smiling. It took my breath away. Again and again. This new little life, the man breathing by my side. What else do we need in the whole world?


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