At the first ultrasound, around 14 weeks, the technician said the baby was actually two days older than the due date estimated by my last menstrual period. No big deal, due date doesn’t actually change unless it’s off a whole lot more than that.

Today, the technician put the age two days earlier than the last one, making it four days ahead of the original projection. Again, not a big deal, and my midwives or doctor won’t change the due date for it, but it’s just interesting to see how things progress.

Since I can pinpoint the date of conception as closely as one can without having had medical assistance in the process, I’m trusting my gut on the age of this kid. Because it happens to be quite common that ultrasound measurements have a tendancy to be way the hell off not entirely accurate.

The best part of today was the flailing limbs. Yes, it was neat to see all four heart chambers pumping away, and all the reds and blues in their proper places in the ubilical cord, and you know, a profile of the little face, but man, watching that little thing punch and kick together, like a Tekken character doing a ten-hit combo, that was just so damned amusing.

The hands and feet were all in one little bunch, and just kept going and going. It was incredibly cute, you know, for a grainy black and white impression. Here’s the punch-kick-kick-punch-punch-punch-kick picture we got:


Except for the one foot, looking at the picture now, it’s kind of hard to tell where each limb is, but trust me, they were all going, and pretty much all clustered right in that one place. There are two more pictures to see if you click the one above.

Our little overachiever also made it quite easy for the technician to go through his checklist of things to measure and pictures to take. Every time he moved to the next thing, the baby just happened to be in a pretty ideal position for him to find or measure it. Let’s hope that kind of cooperation follows it out of the womb. 

I’m pretty excited about this whole baby thing, if you haven’t been able to tell. I can feel it moving at least a few times every day now, and James was very enthralled with the whole ultrasound process, since he wasn’t there the last time. So even though the technician we had today was a little strange (he was leaning his elbow on my leg almost the whole time, and not lightly… and also, even though we told him we didn’t want to know the sex, that was the first thing he went looking for–don’t worry, though, we still don’t know), it was still another one of those incredible experiences on our road to parenthood.


One thought on “Overachiever

  1. Oz says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m so jealous you’re feeling so many kicks – I’m still feeling maybe a flutter here or there. I think I just haven’t quite figured out how to differentiate between kicks and digestive rumbles.

    Those spastic motions in the early ultrasounds are just amazing!

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