The Ocean Kicked my Ass

I can’t believe we leave here tomorrow. It has been a wonderful and relaxing week. I have had so much fun hanging out with my husband. It all went so fast. We actually got up really early this morning and saw the sun come up. I usually only sit for sunrise when I’m there on the beach. Anywhere else just isn’t the same. Not nearly as breathtaking.

I feel like I should nap some this afternoon still, but another part of me just doesn’t want to close my eyes and miss out on this last day in Florida. But I am sleepy. Maybe while James is in the shower.

I went swimming in the ocean thisĀ morning. It knocked me down and took me out, but it was beautiful. I love riding on top of the swells out there before they break onto the beach. I got a little scraped up as I was walking back up the sand, but it was fun. It’s hard to believe that I used to spend hours out there in the surf when I was a kid. The ocean is difficult. It pushes you around and won’t take much in the way of pushing back.

So I rinsed the sand out of my panties and got in the pool for a nice long swim and float. There was no one else in the pool when we were there today, so we had the run of the place, if you don’t count a few giant dead beetles. Floating is nice and swimming is more like fun than exercise and feels so good. And the pool is serene, no kicking required.

And speaking of kicking, someone’s been getting stronger. I feel some rolling, some poking and bumping. There’s no more mistaking this for gas. It’s wonderful. And it will be even more exciting when James can feel it, too.


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