Something I’ve learned this week so far. You really can’t count on anything until it’s actually happening. Last night, James and I got all dressed up to go to Yen Yen, a restaurant here in Cocoa Beach that my family came upon several years ago. We found a favorite dish, the snow white prawns, that I had been looking forward to re-tasting since we originally planned to take this trip.

Turned out, this week happened to also be Yen Yen’s vacation week. And unlike in other parts of the country, this place just shuts down when vacation is taken. So. The prawns that this pregnant lady had been looking forward to for weeks and weeks were not available.

After a few little tears of frustration, we ended up at a tiki bar, somewhat overdressed for the atmosphere, and even this bar was out of its own special offering, shark kabobs. I had a lobster tail, which was good, but I did find myself thinking that I might have enjoyed the fresh catch of the day a little bit more.

Tonight, I think we’re going to try our hand at making our own delicious crab dinner, which was also something from the menu last night I considered ordering, but didn’t because the last time I ordered crab legs in a restaurant, it was kind of a disaster. At least here at the condo, I can fling crab around in private and without all the embarrassment that eating crab in public seems to include.

I do hope that we get one more nice meal out, since it seems like even last night wasn’t quite the night I wanted. I know it will cost us even more money, but we’re on vacation, and one more dinner certainly won’t break us.


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