Maternity Time

I love maternity pants!

19 Weeks

I ordered pieces of a new fat wardrobe a little over a week ago, and I got my package in the mail a couple of days ago. I have only taken off these jeans to wash them once and to sleep. It is so wonderful to have jeans that fit and are comfortable. They even look pretty good, too.

Back in March, when I first began to outgrow my tens and twelves, I went to Target. I gingerly made my way through the maternity aisles with a squirmy scowl on my face. Maybe it was their brand, maybe it was my own fear, but I just could not imagine how these shapeless and frumpy garments could make a pregnant woman actually feel good about how she looks in her clothes. I figured I wouldn’t need actual maternity for a little while longer, so I grabbed a couple of fourteens from the clearance rack, and those lasted me longer than I thought that they would. This made me glad because I really hate shopping, and I still quite dreaded the maternity aisles.

Enter the good parts of on-line shopping. I like the minimal selection of small, medium, or large. I like not having to guess, because I’ve been a ten at one place, an eight at another, and a twelve at still others. Sometimes, depending on the style of pants, I could find three pairs in different styles at the same place that each had a different number on the tag. I don’t mind trying things on, but seriously, small-medium-large sizing structures make it a whole lot easier. And also? The maternity sections in department stores are so tiny sometimes you can hardly find them, and when you finally do, the selection is composed of all of three styles of top and two styles of bottom, which may or may not be cute or to your taste. On-line, there is a much wider variety from which to make those super important decisions.

When my order came, there was only one article of clothing that did not fit, that I couldn’t even see growing into. That’s pretty good for what ultimately comes down to guesswork. But these jeans, good lord, it is so nice to have a pair of casual pants again. And the part that makes them “maternity,” you know, the wide elastic band where the button and belt loops usually hang out, does not detract from the look of an outfit at all. Unless, you know, I don’t wear a long enough shirt, which is another situation I will need to remedy in my wardrobe a bit at a time. Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to the long tank top. I’m thinking of Florida, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending a lot of time in sleeveless, so I was looking for a tank top, just something ribbed and basic, and I thought that would be something fairly common, something I could find to replace the ones I have that are just a little too short these days. But no. At least not at Kohl’s — where I bought two pairs of maternity shorts yesterday in anticipation of a leg-baring summer. I guess Old Navy is the place to go for those. That’s where I always get them, anyway. I just hope that they’re making them a little longer these days. For obvious reasons. Who knew I’d ever be so modest? But I digress.

Shopping has always been somewhat of an ordeal for me. It’s fun to do with Mom, but I’m really not big on the whole social shopping thing. Maybe it’s because my friends have never really been into it, either. Though it might be nice to get a second opinion once in awhile, at this point, I pretty much know what I like, what looks good, and what feels good. I might never be one of those people you go to for fashion advice, but I’d like to think that no one I know would nominate me for What Not to Wear. Though those girls never seem to see it coming either.

The point is that I might actually be dressing better in my new maternity wear than I have ever dressed in my life. And that’s kind of fun. I’ve been concerned about the emerging bump at the same time as I’m fascinated with it. Sometimes I want to show it off, sometimes hide, sometimes both at once, and it’s an interesting mix of emotions. But when the clothes that fit this new body are something that I can actually enjoy, it makes those conflicting voices hush a little bit and allows me to enjoy this experience in a way that I hadn’t thought about at all before.


One thought on “Maternity Time

  1. pogonip says:

    Wow! maternity clothes are a whole lot cuter now than when I had my kidlets. I see the teachers at school with their tank tops and little sweaters and (almost) wish I was having another baby. I love that maternity clothes are more form fitting now–I think it’s great that we can flaunt the magical thing is happening inside us. And yeah, I lived in my comfy maternity jeans! Enjoy!

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