List: Summer Version

With the impending graduation, I feel a list coming on. A to-do list for summer and beyond. Because without school as a convenient excuse, I must now focus on the tasks that have been neglected as I worked toward this MFA.

  • Before the baby becomes my new excuse, I must take the lead on home organization and the maintenance of a clean-ish house. And stay in the habit. Somehow, the dishes always need doing, paperwork always avoids the file drawer or the trash, and spots appear on bathroom mirrors out of nowhere. We still have a shelf to build for our office, which should aid the organizing. But we also need to rid ourselves of much clutter, including all the stuff that’s still occupying the baby’s future bedroom.
  • I really feel the need to revise my Internet presence. I like having a professional website, but I’ve been slacking on the upkeep of that site, especially after the whole joe-jobbing incident. I need to rethink and maybe even start all over again.
  • My business is growing too slowly. In order for me to do what I want with my life and my lifestyle, I need to do more. I need to talk to more people, and I need to find people to hire and train in order to build my organization and really kick some ass and change some lives. James might join me in the future, which would be interesting, but hopefully more fun than difficult. I know that I can be successful at this, I just have to kick into high gear. And now is the time.
  • I miss my arts and crafts. I would love to crochet a little blanket for our little one. I think it would be very special. So in the not-too-distant future, I plan to pick up some nice soft yarn and get started. But beyond crochet, the art part leads me to a whole new bullet point:
  • I want to produce, market and sell some of my ink-altered book pages. To do this, I will need to research and network. There should be a number of art/craft shows in the area this summer, so I will try to make it to some of those. Also, there’s a club of artists in my neighborhood that might prove helpful and inspirational, so I need to check them out as well.
  • Okay, I think the last thing on my list right now is to meet some of my neighbors. To make some new friends. I really wish I was better at this, because it’s going to be difficult. But joining the art club will probably help, as will actually attending some of the events that are publicized on our association website and in the newsletters. We have also been going to church again, and churches often have functions that promote actual human interaction, so perhaps I will also try there.

That’s all I’ve got for now. The baby stuff is probably going to get a lengthy list all its own because frankly, it is a whole lot to digest at this point in time and I’m just not ready yet. Perhaps after we return from our “babymoon” in June, that will be a good time to really get going on the preparations for the new bundle of uncertainties that is about to enter our lives.

Until then, and even then, I think there is quite enough on my plate with this little list, which probably excludes a lot because I tend to forget things. Anyway, it’s a good start, gives me at least a little guidance, some goals to keep in mind as I move forward with that fancy new degree in my hand.


One thought on “List: Summer Version

  1. Stace says:

    And see old friends!

    Sara says: Indeed! Very excited to do just that.

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