The ultrasound took a long time. Not as long as the waiting. And the waiting. Luckily, I got my blood draw out of the way before beginning that wait for the ultrasound. That wait made a thousand times worse by the building pressure on my bladder.

Because you have to have a full one when you’re only 14 weeks. And it was full. And I’ve never peed so much at once in recent memory. And that was before they called me in. But I’d had more than enough to drink, and things were running slow, so that by the time I entered that dim room, the bladder must have been full enough. Because it was easy to see:


There’s a baby in there. I saw the heart beating. Saw the bladder. The stomach. And the umbilical cord. Even the face. I saw it all moving around inside me. The wand was on my stomach. The monitor displayed these images. And yet, I still find it all very baffling. Even now, more than two months since that fateful plus, it’s hard to comprehend what is happening.


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