Out and About

I’m so over this whole class thing. I really just don’t want to go anymore. I barely care at all. I just want to get my thesis done, graduate and be done with it all.

What’s nice is the weather. Another nice thing is that I was able to hang out with my buds again this week. It’s so great to actually see people socially. I’ve raved about this before. And even if it’s only once a week for the next couple weeks, that’s more than before, and I’m grateful.

Another thing that has been taking precedence to my at-home Internet time is exercise. Nothing major, though, we’re easing into this whole thing. I just don’t have the get-up-and-go that I sometimes have had in the past. At this point, I’m very glad when there is something happening in the evening that gets my heart a-thump-thumping.

James and I have made a pact. Of sorts. I told him that I want to go for a walk every day. And I asked him to ask me to go for a walk if it looks like I might be settling in for the night lacking kinetic ambition. He agreed, but he said he’ll only ask me once, and if that doesn’t make me want to go, he’s going to just back off. Because I can get a little pissy when he bugs me about stuff. Like homework or other stuff I know I should do but really, really don’t want to.

So we walked on Monday. And we’re going to walk tonight. We don’t walk on Tuesdays because I walk around campus a fair amount, and by the time I get home from class, it is bed time. We will probably walk tomorrow, and even though James works on Friday night, I might just walk by myself. Though it is oodles more fun when he goes with me.

On our walk on Monday, we decided to take a vacation this summer. A vacation that doesn’t involve going to Milwaukee to see family. I am already in the pre-planning phases of excitement, and it should be a jolly good time. I’m excited that we can actually afford to do something like this for once, and it probably won’t even interfere with our debt payment plan at all. And that makes it even more awesome.

So that’s what’s happening with me. I know I haven’t posted since last month (!), but hopefully you are all out enjoying some springy weather and not missing me too much.


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