The last two days I have had to do the commute all on my own. It’s always a little bit worse when there’s no one to talk to in the car, but even worse than that is when there is no music.

Yesterday I drove the Pontiac. The car with the radio and the iPod transmitter. I left work yesterday feeling victorious. It had been a pretty gosh-darned good day. And what made it even better? To the point where I barely noticed the traffic on my drive home? That’s right. Bon Jovi.

Today was okay. I got good news and talked to Mom for a little bit. But I was in the Toyota, aka “little lawnmower,” which doesn’t have a radio. And I had to pee. And the commute? Endless. Never ending. Stretching on into infinity times a thousand. I wanted to go to the library tonight to get a new book or two. And use the bathroom. And when I got there… closed. Closed at five. I guess that must mean I’m the only one in the entire universe that feels the need to visit the library on a sunny spring weekend evening. Seems kind of silly, if you ask me. Who wouldn’t want to spend such an evening expanding their mind?

Anyway, long story short, I feel like if I had had a little bit of Bon Jovi with me today, I would be feeling a little better about my day right now. As it stands, I yelled at a dirty fork and really just want to do nothing and then go to bed. Which is what I will probably do.

But tomorrow, I finally get to see my husband again (we have been working opposite shifts or had evening commitments since Tuesday), so I think that I probably won’t feel the need for Bon Jovi at all. But he can even make a good day better.


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