Pizza Face

It’s not that bad. I just have to keep telling myself that it’s not that bad. I have to make sure and remember not to rest my chin on my hand while I sit at my desk, not to scratch that itchy spot because doing things like that only aggravates the situation.

My face is exploding in painful red. And yes, it could be worse, it could be a lot worse. But I’m used to only having to deal with one of these pustules at a time, not five or six all clustered together on one small area of my epidermis. And it wouldn’t be so obnoxious if they weren’t so painful and large. And even the largeness I can handle. I’m just having a little trouble dealing with the constant reminder of the horror-show happening in the chin region. With the pain. And the itchiness.

I’ve never had flawless skin. I have accepted that. But for the most part, the use of mild cleansers and moisturizers has allowed me to avoid such massive outbreaks like this. Perhaps it’s time to change the cleaning regimen–ramp it up to twice a day and add in a little spot treatment or another pharmaceutical remedy. Maybe watch the diet a little more closely. Cut out the fried food and Jolly Ranchers and what-not. Because this? This cannot continue. I have had enough. It’s time to show my skin who’s boss.

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