When I make up my mind to do something, I usually follow through. When it appears as though I’m not following through with something I’ve made up my mind to do, usually that means that I haven’t truly and completely made up my mind to do it. So, anyway, over the last couple days, I made up my mind to cut my hair.

I haven’t been to a salon in probably five years. I usually cut my own hair because I’m frugal like that, and for the most part, I am confident in my ability not to mess it up too badly. Also, my hair is naturally wavy and wild, which provides good camouflage for the occasional uneven scissor stroke.

So this afternoon I treated myself and went and got my hair cut by a professional. The recommendation is that I will have to go back for a trim in six weeks, but as much as I like my new do, I really can’t afford to drop $45 every couple months just for trims. I go to a professional when I find myself fed up with doing my own maintenance.

Okay, so here is the “before” picture:


And as soon as I sat in the salon chair, my stylist hacked off about six inches just so she wouldn’t have to shampoo that whole mop. And after she cut and layered, she blow-dried and spritzed me with some stuff and used a big round brush for what seemed like an eternity and I came home looking like this:


Now, I will probably never have the patience to get my hair to do exactly what you see there ever again, but the cut should be compatible with my “wash and wear” attitude. It’ll probably get a little curly when I wash it in the morning, so we’ll see what happens. At the very least, hopefully that front part will learn to sit a little bit out of my eyes so I can drive and stuff.

But James tells me it looks awesome, and the thing is, I’m usually more worried about what he’ll think of my haircuts than what I will think. So that’s always a plus.


2 thoughts on “Cut

  1. sandiegomd says:

    I really like the new cut! It suits you very nicely!

  2. I like it better short…more sophisticated…(if you will permit me to say…:) )

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