Small List

Currently on the old list of things to do:

  1. Mail completed tax returns. The IRS won’t refund our money without them.
  2. Thesis. Thesis. Thesis.
  3. Plan some on-line meetings and the WI seminar in April.
  4. Take a walk.

See. It’s not a major list. The two main things right now (since taking a walk and mailing some tax forms will not really occupy very much time) are the thesis thing and the business thing. If I wasn’t falling asleep on the couch well before Adult Swim starts every night, it might be easier to do even more. But as it stands, I have decided to devote a little time on weeknights to Thesis, Saturday to the business, and Sunday to more Thesis. If I can stick to that schedule, I hope that the time management will allow me some success in both arenas.

What this list also fails to include is any household chore. I’m trying to get the husband to play a bigger role there. At least until graduation. Of course, that might mean living in a little more mess on occasion and ignoring it in favor of what really needs my attention. But we’re only two people, and we really do try not to be complete slobs, so a temporary hiatus from me doing a lot of chores shouldn’t be too bad. Let’s hope. 


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