I attended my third VIP training yesterday, and I noticed something that needs to change. And soon. I need to step up and make some things happen. I seem to say or feel this way after every training or awesome event, but this time, I really mean it. There are things happening in my life right now that are depending upon my success. So it’s time to make up my mind for real and just do it.

Since I have started venturing off on my own, with much less hand-holding from my manager, lately, I think it’s time I set up some of my own meetings on-line and offer the experience to any and all curious humans. I think this will work. I have to think that. Because if I think it. If I write it enough, it will happen.

Basically, the training yesterday was split: one half the room focused on advanced agents, the other on beginners. And because I am taking my sweet old time, I was forced to sit with the rest of the “noobs.” Don’t get me wrong, there is always much to learn, and it was only the morning session that was split, so in the afternoon we all saw and heard the same things. But I really felt like I had fallen behind, even though I know my own pace is the right pace for me, and I still believe that. I just felt like a loser. But instead of wallowing in that (much), I decided to let it light a fire under me. I hope that it will.


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