April 23

So, usually on Monday nights, I’m supposed to be finishing up on the homework for the Tuesday class. And usually, I do. And yesterday, I was. But more often than I probably should, I end up on the couch on Monday nights at 9:00pm watching Heroes. Because I love that show. I love that show so much that we’re actually two weeks behind on 24 because I just have to watch Heroes when the choice is between one or the other.

So. Good episode last night. And can I just say what a super-neat idea it was to put a certain actor in the role of Mr. Linderman. See, I’m trying not to give stuff away, in case you record it and save it for later, like I should probably do more often. But here’s the thing, am I the only one who didn’t realize until the very end of the episode that there’s some kind of hiatus that occurs this time a year, which means a frustrating cliffhanger that makes me raise my fist in the air cursing the television gods above? Because I feel like people must know about this, but I have just been living in a cave or something, oblivious.

Maybe if I had been prepared for the cliffhanger, it wouldn’t have upset me so much. Maybe if I had known the next new episode was not going to air until April 23rd, I could have savored this one just that much more. I know I’m being extremely dramatic about a TV show, but really, even Gilmore Girls hasn’t had me this enthralled in a long time. And Lost is still hard to follow most of the time. And frankly, it’s hard to get attached to the people on 24 anymore, since they don’t really like to leave anyone alive except for Jack and Chloe. So that leaves Heroes. Best show on television. Argue with me if you want, but when my hour-long-drama viewing time is limited, I’ll pick that one over any other any day.

Of course, the Thursday night lineup on NBC can’t be beat either, but I don’t mind watching reruns of The Office for a few weeks. That show rocks my face. And doesn’t leave me hanging, shaking my fist at the TV enraged.


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