Life is a Highway

All I have to say is thank goodness for warranties. I don’t know what’s wrong with the Sunfire, but it’s been a little cranky. Not in the scary red “check engine light” kind of way, but in the kind of disconcerting “your traction control, and maybe but maybe not your breaks all shoulda had a V-8” sort of way. Those lights are yellow, which is a color not quite as heart-stopping and urgent as red.

So, we’re down to one car again for who knows how long. And it’s the old lawnmower. No more iPod tunes on the radio, no more radio at all. At least there will be two of us in the car together. I guess we’ll have to actually converse about stuff. Heaven forbid I must actually speak to the man I married!

But I kid. I love that guy. And he’s fun to talk to. Even when there’s good music coming through the stereo. And with any luck, we’ll be back to two cars by the time we have to go our separate ways on Tuesday–me to class and him, the lucky duck, home after work.


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