It was so good to see Sarah yesterday. We discussed a certain feeling of isolation that seems to settle in come thesis time. We’re so involved with our own projects, our own life stuff coming on full force with impending graduation, that we fail to connect with our peers, the friends we’ve managed to make over the last couple years, the informal work-shopping and rant sessions that used to be so common just two years ago.

It’s true. I feel very isolated these days. And not just when it comes to my fellow student poets, but also in general. I have friends in several parts of the country, friends I rarely see, if ever, and friends that even though they may be close by, don’t always fit properly into my schedule. I blame myself, obviously, because if I wanted to, I could call more often, or make a more valiant effort, but there are so many distractions. Excuses.

I value all my relationships. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. And I am lucky, as I’ve probably mentioned many, many times. It’s just that when there are deadlines on the horizon, and I’m not sure how my manuscript is reallygoing, it might be nice to take it over to someone’s house, make some enchiladas, sip a margarita, and talk about how it’s going, and then discuss how it’s really going.

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