New Sleeper

What an awesome Sunday. We slept in nice and late, watched 24 while eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, showered, dressed, and then did some shopping. We spent a lot of money. Fortunately, it was money we had and money that we had planned to spend. That makes a world of difference. Nothing went on a credit card, and for that I am quite proud.

Our new sleeper sofa will be delivered next week. James said he wished we knew someone with a truck so we could have saved the $50 delivery charge, but you know what? Sleepers are wicked heavy, and completely worth the investment so we don’t have to figure out the mechanics of maneuvering the thing into its spot in the corner of our living room. Not to mention the muscle strain that $50 also saves us both.

We went out for a late lunch at Pizzeria Uno. I was excited because French fries were not forced upon me just by virtue of my ordering of a hamburger. I could pick my own side! See, it’s the little things that totally make my day. And while the roasted veggies weren’t as mouth-watering as say, a loaded baked potato might have been, at least I felt a little bit healthy while consuming my half of the cow on a bun with special sauce.

We then purchased our tax software and got free stuff! Yes, even better than a choice of side, because we purchased a certain brand of tax software from a certain store, we also got to take home our very own wireless mouse and a $10 gift card for that very same store. So a purchase of not quite $50 yielded about $40 in free stuff. Our Sunday paper subscription has already paid for itself.

We also got a new welcome mat and rug for the entrance hallway. And groceries. A lot of groceries. But good stuff. Like fruit. And pancake mix. Well, at least the fruit is healthy stuff. And we always go with the pancake mix that’s “heart smart.” I’m all about the heart smarts these days.

Okay, I’m in kind of a wacky mood. A little bit tired. So I’ll stop now. We watched Man of the Year when we got home, and it was pretty good. A few of the jokes I had heard Robin Williams do before, but that didn’t make them not funny. That’s about the extent of my reviewing abilities this evening. Now I must pay some bills. Huzzah!


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