It’s always nice when James gets a paycheck for double the amount he usually gets. But it’s also funny how before we know it, the money is all spent. I’m not saying that’s necessarily true this time, but there are things that we need. We have yet to buy our pull out couch for the living room, a Christmas present from my parents. We may do that tomorrow. We also need to do our taxes (which, of course, means the anticipation of another extra check we may already have spent by the time it arrives in the mail), and that means buying some software because it’s well worth the expense. I still want my papasan chair. But the car needs something. There are lights that go on, maybe because it’s been so cold, but maybe because there’s something actually wrong. Again.

But the real place where most of the money is going to go is to our debt. We are down to only three cards that carry balances, and after I pay that next Discover bill, we’ll be down to two. We’re really doing well with the pay off, even though I am well aware that it could be better. We’re doing a snowball payment on the cards, that is, we started awhile back paying extra to one card, minimums on the rest, when the first card was done, the second card got the minimum payment plus the extra we’d put to the first one. And so on. It gets faster and more dramatic as time goes on following this plan, so it’s actually kind of exciting to get the bills and see the effect. And I try not to think about the fact that we have so much consumer debt to begin with. How we got into it is the past. Right now, we’re working on the present and the future. So it’s good.

In school news, my graduation garb is going to put us in the hole another $80, and that’s just for the cap, gown, and master’s hood. I don’t even know what that is. All it says is that we need to wear a specific color based on our degree concentration. I hope it’s not really a hood. I look funny in hoods.


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