Two Quick Things

I cut his hair. After yet another botched attempt by a professional. He brought home an electric clipper, and I cut his hair. And he now trusts me to do it next time, and the next, for all eternity. But next time, hopefully it will be warm enough to do it outside. There was hair everywhere.

Also, we had a snow day today. That’s why I’m not in class. It started out as snow, anyway, then turned to freezing rain, sleet and ice everywhere. People in these parts don’t know how to drive in that, or prevent the roads from icing with a handy little element called salt. But all the better because I didn’t want to have to drive on ice with my car that only has one working defrosting line in the back and is not very comfortable in good weather going all the way to school and back at night.

Now to finish printing my poems and work on my thesis.


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