Water Shocks

So, because it is winter, and the temperatures have officially dropped below freezing several times over the past weeks, the air is dry and static electricity abounds.

My car gives the most painful shocks every time I exit the vehicle, so I try to get it to shock my calf instead of my fingers because it hurts less on the legs.

It is so dry that a static shock from my husband’s hand caused a piece of his computer audio equipment to short out and fail to work again.

It is so dry that we have to ground ourselves before kissing, otherwise we get lip shocks, and sometimes noses.

It is so dry that when I wash my hands the water also zaps me.

With the water shocks, I’m not always entirely sure that a static zap is what is actually happening, because it’s so brief and small and happens just as the water hits my fingers. The water goes on to wet my hands, and I’m left wondering if it was really a shock or just the initial contact between water and skin. But I’m pretty sure it’s shocking me. However, this has not happened to James, and he thinks perhaps something has shorted out in my brain.

I don’t remember this ever happening before in my life. I wonder if I really am crazy like he seems to think I am. But I’m pretty sure that water can be conductive, so I’m going to stick to my initial impression on this one, and call it a shock. James can think what he will. But it’s dry around here, even in the sink.


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