Hair’s the Thing

I feel good about myself when I spend a few minutes to do my hair. Some girls have the makeup ritual, and if I had any good makeup I could apply quickly and simply, maybe I would have that ritual, too. Makeup and nice clothes and done hair make me feel put together and professional.

I don’t have a lot of clothes, and the makeup? well, I’ve never really bothered much with it. But the hair? the hair I can do, and should do more often.

Because even if I’m wearing the same old thing and my freckles and blemishes are showing a little bit more than I’d like, when I make an effort with my hair, I feel more confident, prettier, professional. That’s why I usually put my hair up for networking, meetings, dinner events, parties, going out with friends, etc. Doing that makes me feel ready. Maybe not ready for everything, but more prepared than I am when I don’t do anything except blow-dry (or not).

If I was a man, I’d probably wear ties to the same effect. Or a sport coat. But since I’m a girl (and not a material one), it’s more about the hair than the clothes.

Speaking of which, I should get more nice clothes. More professional clothing. More versatile clothing. Of course, for my purposes, comfort is key, and I’ve never really had much luck finding comfortable clothes that also make me look well put together. It’s usually either one or the other with me. And being a bargain shopper means I often get what I pay for, meaning my good clothes don’t always last long (or stay in the right shape to be comfortable for long). Comfort to me also means durability.

But this morning, I had to get up at five. In the morning. As a favor to a Chamber friend, I attended a 7:00am BNI meeting as his substitute. And for a girl who usually doesn’t arise until about 7:00 in the a.m., having to be somewhere at that time is no easy feat. Not to mention being awake and alert enough to network as a professional business person. So I made sure to do my hair before I left the house. In doing that, I ended up needing a cup of coffee less than I expected to need it, because I was confident that I looked awake and professional enough to make it through.

So I guess what all this nonsense about my hair is saying is that I’ve learned something today. I’ve never been one to spend much time or effort on my appearance (I’m not sloppy, I just don’t really have much of a knack for it), but when I do take a few extra minutes to spiff up a little more than usual, it’s a good investment. It boosts my energy some, my confidence, and even helps with my posture and attitude. Even if I don’t really look as good as I think I do, it still makes a difference. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Especially on Mondays.


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