In the Office, Naked

I’m sure that sometimes, working naked has its benefits. It can be a relaxing state: no clothes rubbing, snagging, bunching, all your skin is allowed to breathe freely, and I’m sure that phone calls would have an underlying spice to them. Of course, unless you work from home, working naked is not generally an option for the average office employee.

So I don’t know what was going on in my dream last night. I might have been in a home office, but it wasn’t anywhere near private. Yet, there I was, naked under my desk. And why was I under my desk? Well, because I was naked, of course, and someone had come in.

When I wasn’t naked, I was visiting my old Borders store in Boston. I have no idea why I was there, and I wasn’t there for very long. I think the store was closing for the night.

And then, later, back at home, I was waiting for someone to come and meet me for some reason. But I wanted to change my clothes. And this person was taking a long time to get there. So I started changing clothes. And that’s when they came in. When I was naked. Again. This was the second or third time that I had been naked in front of the same person (I guess they had been one of the people in the office earlier), who then accused me of doing it on purpose.

The thing about this dream is that my husband was there for almost every naked moment, and never once did he tell me to get dressed already, as he is wont to do when I run around naked in the privacy of our own home in real life. He just stood idly by as I comfortably and confidently (when I wasn’t hiding under a desk) strutted around in my birthday suit in front of everyone.

I hesitate to post this dream description, since now I bet you’re totally picturing me naked. But the naked dreams are pretty common, I think, and there was a different charge to this dream than other dreams where I’ve been naked, which is probably why it’s sticking with me this way. In other dreams, I often try harder to cover up or find some clothes. In this one, not so much. The naked was a significant detail, but the dream as a whole seemed to have more to do with work and other things than with the naked itself.


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