The poem exercise for this week is to write a poem using a symbol. That is pretty much the only guideline. I have a page in my book that repeats the word “sons” all over with bursts of red around them. So I was thinking about going there. But I wrote a bunch of nonsense and nothing worthy came from it.

I had also meant to post more this weekend, but I’m feeling blocked in blogging, too. There seems to be stuff happening, but aside from the heating incident this week, not a lot is feeling very writable.

Things on my list:

  • Write a poem with/using a symbol.
  • Read more Pound for class. 
  • Schedule a dentist appointment.
  • Start reading journal for class.
  • Arrange thesis poems.
  • Discuss thesis with committee.
  • Finish filing.
  • Vacuum.
  • Touch base with business contacts.

See, things are going on. Just pretty boring things. I don’t want to write about writing, but I need to write a poem, and when poem-writing doesn’t go well, this is the place where I complain about it. Anyone have a favorite symbol I can throw into a poem by Tuesday?


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