No Secret Identities

In a world where names and numbers appear on a little lighted screen as the phone buzzes or sings, how many of us still answer, “Hello?” with that question mark hanging off the end of our voice as though we don’t know it’s you?

Like more and more people, James and I both just use our cell phones instead of a landline. Even though reception is often iffy inside our condo, it’s not yet bad enough that we feel the need to splurge on something more grounded. When I make new contacts, I program their names and numbers into my phone, and I sometimes even add a picture, because my awesome phone can do that. So when my phone sings, I see a name and a picture before I flip it open and say, “Hello?”

The only people who might get a “Hey you” or a “What’s up?” are my parents and my spouse. Other than that, I go with the “Hello?” So why do I do this? I suppose it’s purely habit at this point. But should I maybe answer the phone with the person’s name? Because nowadays, it’s not so uncommon to have caller ID, so it shouldn’t be shocking or disorienting, but maybe it still is that way regardless. Should I say, “This is Sara,” because sometimes people call for business purposes, and they may not know that my cell phone is my only phone? Should I answer with a business script if I know it’s a business call, and a “hi there” when it’s personal?

Maybe I’ll just stick with, “Hello?” Because to be perfectly honest with you, I don’t really get that many calls anyway. So my time could probably be spent better not obsessing about this small detail.

Okay, thanks, bye, have a nice day, you too.


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