Rockin’ the Midwest

Coming at you live from Milwaukee.

I’m pleased to report that my seminar on Tuesday evening was, in fact, a success. Though it was mostly family in attendance, I must say that I was very pleased with the response to the presentation. I’m confident that at the very least, they now realize that I’m part of something good and helpful based on their own experience of it and not my insistence that, really, it’s not a scam.

We were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a day to visit with Grandma, and that was pretty awesome, even though there was only a little bit of snow and no visible stars. I’m still fighting the husband on his plan for us to retire up there, but really, it’s not a bad place if you like that sort of wilderness and temperature. I also enjoyed hanging out with Grandma and the few other relatives that were around. They have some good stories, and they’re just a nice bunch.

We’ve spent some good time among friends this trip, too. And from all reports, things seem to be going well for everyone. I’m glad to see that. We have a couple of crime fighters among our ranks, now, so that was a good story, and despite the unnatural curiosity about the goings on in my uterus, everything seems normal. Of course, what’s normal for some… etc.

Tonight I went out with Michelle, Ben and Sean for dinner with our high school drama teacher. I honestly didn’t really know what to expect, since I don’t do a lot of hanging out with teachers. Not now, and not really ever. But it was really fun. He’s a good guy, one of those people who is a very engaged conversationalist, you know, genuinely interested in what you have to say. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to connect and do some catching up.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving among the pals, and Saturday is Christmas with my family. I may not be around the computer again until we get home to Virginia, but since I had a moment, I thought I’d write a little to hold us over until then.


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