A Seven Frame of Mind

It’s true, nothing really changes from one year to the next. At least not in a moment that one can pinpoint and count down to. The New Year, whether in our minds or on our calendars, is a metaphorical cleaning of one’s slate. At least that’s how we tend to treat it. We make resolutions and attempt to keep them going for longer than the month of January. Most of the time, we don’t. But sometimes, if we allow ourselves to be honest and realistic, we can meet our goals and make it a better year than the last. So here go mine:

  1. I will only drink alcohol on special occasions, Edited 2/1/07 to read: I will drink “healthy,” meaning mostly red wine in limited quantities.
  2. I will stop depending on caffeine to get me up in the morning, get me through class, a meeting, or anything else.
  3. I will eat more fruit.
  4. I will eat more vegetables.
  5. I will walk on a weekend afternoon and a week night.
  6. I will get that second bedroom cleaned and decorated.
  7. I will double my income.
  8. I will sell some artwork (beyond Cafepress).
  9. I will publish a poem.

By beginning each item with the declarative, “I will,” I thought it might help me to really think of these thing as commitments. Things that must be done. In a way. Or it’s all just semantics, and the phrase only means as much as I can connect with it. Either way, there are my New Year’s resolutions. And much like last year, I’m trying to be honest and realistic. Yes, even number seven.


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