Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz

Today I learned that coffee is not the solution for coma-inducing boredom. All it does is make you more anxious to be doing something not boring, not to mention sweat and have to go to the bathroom.

Number one on the resolutions list for 2007 is to quit the caffeine because it has unfortunately become part of the daily routine, which means if I don’t have a cup of coffee, I am not really all here. And though it might not exactly make my mother proud, I also plan on severely cutting back the alcohol intake. Not like it’s been excessive or anything in recent years, but I decided that I don’t need the extra calories and the household doesn’t really need the extra expense. A glass of wine or champagne on special occasions, and that should do it.

I’m not sure how many other attempts to be resolute I am going to make for next year. This may be it. I intend to take a look at the 2006 list this weekend to see how I did on that one. Then we’ll go from there, I guess.


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