Jingle All the Way

We watched Mythbusters. Many Mythbusters, talked to the folks back home, sat together, ate together, went for a little drive, and mostly just hung around. There was almost a meat incident, but the rib-eye came out perfectly, despite all its attempts to foil James’ off the cuff cooking techniques. Right now, he’s sitting across from me in the living room, the kitchen light giving a silhouette effect, and I keep looking up from this screen and thinking to myself how much I love that man.

This Christmas wasn’t much–not a lot of excitement, wrapping paper, new toys or flurry of family–but it’s home, and we’re us, so it’s good. The best part is we don’t even need mistletoe. So now, it’s time for one last slice of cake, more Mythbusters, maybe a movie. So I leave you with something my husband said to me just a few minutes ago:

“I love the fact that there’s two of them. So if I ever get sick of one, I can just grab the other.”

Merry X-mas, everyone.


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