December 21

On December 21st, 1978:

  • Police in Des Plaines, Illinois arrested John Wayne Gacy, Jr. for murder.
  • “Broadway Musical” opened/closed at Lunt Fontanne Theater in New York City.
  • Superman and The Deer Hunter were in theatres.
  • The Grateful Dead played at The Summit.
  • President Jimmy Carter was in office; he talked to people and did things.
  • The Convening of America” was the cover story of TIME Magazine.
  • The Baltimore Orioles sold Steve Lake to the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • The Russian Venera 12 descent craft made a soft landing on the surface of Venus.
  • I was finally born. A month overdue.

Birthdays give me a strange feeling. Sometimes, I get excited during the couple days leading up to it. Sometimes I completely forget about it until the last minute because of all the holiday hustle and bustle around me. On the day itself, there’s often a cloud. Even if it’s not all gray outside like today.

I remember one birthday when I didn’t want the number of years old I was to change. I was’t finished being four. I wasn’t ready for five. Now, I’m okay with twenty-eight. Lately, each year has really been better than the last. My life is good. There are great things for me and my loved ones on the horizon, and I’m really excited for 2007. But the birthday itself–no matter how exciting the days before the day–ultimately, it’s just another day. Yes, there will be a glass of wine and a slice of white chocolate raspberry birthday cake. A dinner at P.F. Chang’s. But I still had to get up for work this morning. And I will still have to get up for work tomorrow. And then I’m just 28. And then it’s Christmas. Then 2007. Then graduation. Then summer. Then fall. Then winter again. Another year, another birthday, another Christmas.

I’m not depressed about my age. Overall, life is good, and I am happy. But maybe next year, we should try to plan a party or something. It’s been awhile since I had a really huge birthday bash. I don’t know what it is. I just kind of feel like something is missing, it feels just a little bit… blah.


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