A Hunch

I have bad posture. Not so much when I’m standing up and walking around. More when I’m sitting at a desk all day. Toward the front of the chair. Letting my shoulders sort of fall forward as I peer at the computer screen. Or, if I sit back, there’s a whole lot of slouch going on.

Back when I used to do pilates, I think I had better posture. That’s one argument on the side of starting up the exercise again. Strengthening the core to prevent back injury and posture problems. I think it even helps with proper breathing. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of arguments in favor of starting to exercise again. I just have to make the decision to be persuaded to take action.

Maybe now that James and I are getting up earlier in the morning in order to have enough time to make breakfast so we don’t keep spending that bit of extra money on Dunkin’ Donuts meals, I can somehow manage to work in a bit of exercise by home DVD while he eats and watches ESPN. Especially since my usual breakfast is rather portable, being in bagel form and all.

Even now, as I’ve been trying to sit up straight and write this post, I just caught myself falling down into the hunch. I need to stop that. Because my back is starting to take notice of the unhealthy habit. So, as soon as I can get some floor space, maybe that exercise process will be a good thing to get going.


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