All Good Things

It’s been a crazy busy week. I had seminars to go to on Tuesday and Wednesday, a Chamber function on Thursday, and I actually went to a poetry reading last night. Needless to say I’ve been keeping myself occupied. And as much as I meant to write more during the course of this week, the old blog just kept falling through the cracks. However, I am just about done with the move to WordPress so I think that after this post here, you can find me at

Anyway, Thursday and Friday were great fun. The Chamber’s Annual Dinner is always a very festive affair, and even though I’m sure that some of the pictures of me are going to come back unusable because of the glare from my pale, pale cleavage, I felt beautiful and appreciated and generally overall good. It takes me awhile to get comfortable with a group of people. I know this. But it’s really a great feeling when I finally find myself able to relax and laugh.

And last night, at the Yak, well, after the Yak, I went out with two couples and didn’t once feel like an extra wheel. We talked about pretty heavy things. Of money. Of faith. And even though I’ve known them for over two years, now, I’m finally feeling connected.

It’s always easier to just go home. Instead of driving around to find a bar that turns up closed and then giving up only to think of someplace else and hang a head out the window to yell back to the one following because no one had my cell phone number. Yes, it would’ve been easier to come home and curl up and watch TV or come online, but I’m glad that I didn’t do that.

Tonight, we’re actually having people over. For the first time since the move. Which means, yes, the home is clean(-ish), which also means that I’m going to try to take this opportunity and actually take some pictures of the place. And I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting that. Stay tuned.


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