Six Deer

I was walking out by the power lines yesterday, talking on the phone with my mother, and just ahead of me, five deer went hopping by. They kind of looked like rabbits, the way they moved. Then, in the other direction, another one went running.

I love that there are deer in my back yard. But you know what? I still think that some of my neighbors aren’t picking up after their dogs. Sure, I’m no fecalanalyst, but I’ve never actually seen those deer come that close to our building. And I have seen the dogs with their humans watching from the sidewalk, no baggies or gloves or scoops in hand.

The more I walk out there, usually when I’m on the phone because of the poor reception we have in the house, the more I have to keep a keen eye. It’s bad enough that I have to take off my shoes outside to avoid mudding up the new carpet, I’d rather not have anything else added to that muddy mess.

And furthermore, I pay as many fees as anyone else to live here–shouldn’t I be able to enjoy the common areas without having to watch my step? Aren’t there rules about this sort of thing?

I say, if it’s not the deer, then maybe it’s time for the associations to examine the allowance of dogs. And don’t get me wrong, the cats aren’t off the hook, either. If it weren’t for the cats, then maybe all the trash in front of our building would have remained in the bags instead of scattered about the grass in a manner that the sanitation workers* felt necessary to leave alone so we could all enjoy the sight just a little longer. Because it just wasn’t disgusting enough having a mountain of trash out front ALL WEEKEND because the scheduled pick up was Thursday morning and no make-up day was assigned by the powers that be.

*I really appreciate the fine work that our garbage collectors do. I wouldn’t want to have their job, seriously, and most of the time, I try not to take their service for granted. I also have nothing against dogs or deer, but people who own dogs should be responsible enough to perform all the duties that come with owning a dog. Picking up poop in public places is one of those duties. Sheesh.


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