Dear Superman,

If it’s true that you get your super powers from the earth’s yellow sun, how did you fly all the way to Krypton, where the rays of the earth’s yellow sun don’t really have much influence? Furthermore, how did you ever manage to find your way back?

I suppose that you must have taken a spacecraft after all, since you crashed it back on the Kent farm again. That would explain it, I guess. I’d hate to think of you floating all cold and depleted out there in the universe, once you didn’t have the sun around anymore, suffocating.

Also, you seem to have built up an amazing resilience to kryptonite while you were away. I mean, you’d think that even being near the stuff would have weakened you to the point where you couldn’t have lifted what you did from where you lifted it and thrown it where you threw it. Sure, it looked tough, but it’s not like you dropped it or anything. Have you been toying with us? Leading your enemies on to think that they might have half a chance against you? You sly bastard.

Anyway, does the atmosphere have any effect on how well the sun is able to refresh you? Does Birdman’s crest work the same way?

Your friend,

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