We Didn’t Listen

As much as I don’t really like scary movies, they don’t really impact me that much. Much scarier to me are movies like this one. They give me nightmares much in the way that the one song did when I used to hear it on the radio. The lyrics were something like, “I’ll be yours until the sun doesn’t shine, ’til time stands still, until the wind don’t blow…” Scared the crap out of me. Because, well, I don’t want the sun not to shine. I like the wind, and I like moving my way through time. The love sentiment was lost on me in that song because the only thing I could hear it saying was that someday the world would no longer exist.

I know about global warming. I try to live an environmentally conservative life. Is there more that I could be doing to do better? Sure. After watching Al Gore’s documentary, will I try to do more? Sure. But mostly, I worry, and I will continue to worry for myself and for future generations. Because there are so many people all over the world that refuse to take responsibility and attempt to avoid the very big consequences. And what will it take? A few million dead? Ten million? Twenty? Manhattan under water? I don’t have any answers, and it is a very scary thing. It’s a thing that’s kept me up at night. A thing that I don’t want to worry about but can’t help. If it’s not going to be global warming, it will be something else. Something even as natural as the sun burning out, which is an inevitable occurrence, though too distant in the future to make the worry rational. I truly can’t help worrying about big things over which I have very little control. It is my nature.

A phrase I’ve heard a lot recently, which came up in the course of my blossoming career as a Mortgage Acceleration Specialist, goes like this: “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know; and then you wish you’d known sooner.” We know that paying off debt saves us money in interest. We know that smoking causes cancer. We know that exercise and eating right is the proper way to lose weight. We know that pollution is causing the world to heat up. We can change the choices we make, and instead of living live as though we didn’t know what we know, we can live as though we do know. Because we know. We are lucky enough to know all of these things that previous generations hadn’t always known. Now that we know, and we know that we know, we should probably act in a way that uses that knowledge. I’m just saying…

Look. I don’t want to be preachy and judgmental. But maybe more people should be worried like I am. Since it seems like there really is something to be worried about.

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