Hot Flickr Action

Since we’re still kind of unpacking, more finished photos are forthcoming. In the meantime, in case you haven’t stopped by my Flickr sets lately, here’s a link to some before and after photos. I think I’m missing a before of the 2nd bedroom and some afters of the bathrooms. And the fridge is just as sexy as the stove, so you can use your imagination on that one. I’m still feeling a little bit ambivalent about the dishwasher, but that’s okay. It’s probably just because I don’t like doing dishes, even when there’s automation involved.

So, once we get things straightened out, vacuumed and all the boxes of stuff finally put away for real, I’ll be sure to upload some photos to flickr and let you know when they’re there. Then you can see how we’ve furnished our humble abode, what we’ve been spending probably a little bit too much money on over the last several weeks, not to mention a lot of time with tools.


not my window treatment


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