Blood, Sweat and Bruise Equity

Not much time to post, as I am currently borrowing computer and internet access from our good neighbor as I look in on his cats, who seem to be hiding from me.

Anyway, I just wanted to report that the weekend work is going well. Towel and toilet paper bars have been hung in the bathroom with care, sanding has commenced on the quarterround that needed painting, toilets have been cleaned, hands have been scraped, legs have been bruised and toes have been cut. And isn’t that really what homeownership is all about?

The new home is actually coming along quite well. The husband and I have agreed that I’d rather do a lot of the “handy” work, such as scraping, painting, screwing, fixing, rather than have him get angry about every little thing that seemingly goes awry when participating in such activities, and I’d rather have him do the bulk of the unpacking anyway, since I seem to forget where I put things when we suddenly realize that we need them. He agreed that the unpacking would not get him as grumpy as the manual labor. And it’s a whole lot easier for me if he’s in a good mood during this stressful process. Perhaps not the most conventional, we are at least a complimentary pair.

Anyway, sorry to cut this short, but there is still much to do this Labor Day, including the difficult task of completing my homework without a home computer, though if I handwrite my notes, I should be able to find time to type and print tomorrow afternoon. It would also be good if I could find the box where I put a packet of poems I need to turn in so I might be able to register for the thesis hours that I need. Moving is a bitch.


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