I Don’t at all Miss

I don’t miss cleaning the extra super large bathtub. In our new bathroom, I can actually reach the far side of the tub without pulling a muscle or falling over.

I don’t miss the fact that I was always hesitant about going anywhere after 7:00pm for fear of losing my visitor parking. At the old apartment, we were allowed one parking pass for our one-bedroom place. If we had two or three bedrooms, we would have gotten another pass. Since we didn’t, our second car, that is, the one I drive, had to fight for visitor space. I always felt bad about this, thinking that I was probably depriving legitimate visitors from parking that would be safe from the tow truck’s hungry hook. But I didn’t feel too bad because we really had no other choice. On the weekends, if I needed to go anywhere after 6:00pm, the odds were I’d lose the visitor space to someone, so I had to worry about getting rides or running my errands in a frantic and rushed state. I won’t miss that at all. Now I have my own spot, and James has his. Everyone in their place, worry free.

I will not miss the beeping. Every time someone opens the front door or the sliding glass door, the little box that has the alarm mechanism makes a series of high-pitched beeps. After three years, of course I got used to it, but it’s nice that our doors don’t do that anymore.

I won’t miss the weirdos at the mall.

I also won’t miss not being able to really do anything outside because there’s not anywhere to go nearby. We had the mall across the street, the ramps to the beltway and interstate a few blocks away, the metro and the parkway on the other side. Everything paved and full of traffic and auto emissions. It didn’t just bother my asthmatic husband, but even when I would go running or walking for a little while, I could feel all that toxic stuff having its way with my lungs.

I will not miss the whiteness of it all. Every room white. The bathroom especially. White shows everything. All the red fuzz from the towels. All the fuzz that comes off of James as he dries. The long strands of hair from my head. And even when I was cleaning the bathroom regularly, I could never pick up everything off of that white. There was always more. At least in a bathroom with some color, there’s more of a chance for the fuzz to blend, so that it doesn’t drive you crazy every time you sit down to do your business. Or maybe that’s just me.

But the color! Oh, how I love the color. It’s not like we painted any room very drastically, just that a little bit of tint on the walls makes the whole place seem homier. Nicer. Friendlier. Of course, most of the walls are still sitting there empty. One of the things that I always love doing when we move is to hang up our pictures on the walls. To figure out the best place for everything. And we have a lot of walls, now. I can’t tell you how excited I am to hang our pictures. I hung one last night. But I have to wait on the rest because we still don’t know where things are going. That, and I know that I have a box full of the smaller ones buried in the 2nd bedroom somewhere. And I must be able to see all the pictures in order to direct them to the optimal locations.

I won’t at all miss throwing my money away on rent. I know that renting is good in many ways, for example, not having to pay for or do the repairs yourself. But over the course of the last three years, since we lived in a pretty new building, most of that wasn’t really an issue. I’m pretty sure I could count on one hand the number of times we had to call to have something in the apartment looked at or repaired. And for what we were paying for rent, it doesn’t quite seem like it was worth it. I think that the monthly payment now is far more valuable for us. It really feels like it’s getting us somewhere we want to be. And it’s a good feeling.


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