Strong Men Lifting Things. And Moving Them.

Thank God for Jeff. I remember how it was when James and I did all the heavy lifting, loading, packing and driving all by ourselves. The word tense seems like such an understatement and “nightmare” would be going to far.

I learned by watching Mr. Wizard on Nickelodeon as a youngster that boys and girls have different centers of gravity. We girls are more comfortable and balanced when we carry things up high, around chest level, while men do well when carrying at waist level. When two men are moving furniture, they just automatically know how the other will be lifting, turning, moving, etc. without even asking. Because they share a certain type of brainwave that must only come with the Y-chromosome. When James and I attempt to lift and move a thing, I must be told. And then told again that I’m doing it wrong, when he can’t really explain in words exactly how to do it right. So I get frustrated (or knocked over) and he gets impatient and tense, somewhere between anger and apology, knowing that he’s probably not doing enough to help a girl out. Fortunately, we did not have to deal with that sort of thing until the very end of last night’s furniture fiasco.

And even then, it wasn’t too bad, since we were only hauling a bookshelf and a recliner to the trash.

Between James and Jeff, they got all furniture moved and arranged inside the rental truck within a couple of hours. We got everything, including various boxes and other odds and ends, out of the truck and into the condo in around an hour, give or take. And? It was raining. Stuff got a little damp, but we remained lucky in that the sky never actually ripped open to dump torrents down upon us and our worldly possessions.

So we spent our first night in our new home, surrounded by mostly chaos and disarray but at least clean sheets on an assembled bed. One o’clock a.m. feels a lot later when you’ve been doing very hard work all evening. And seven o’clock in the morning comes all too quickly. But the morning’s commute was manageable, and I even arrived in the neighborhood of the office with more than enough time to stop at Dunkin Donuts to get a bagel and a much needed cup of coffee. I will, however, probably need to refuel once I get to campus tonight, since staying awake is an important precedent to set for the first class meeting of the semester.

There is still much to do.


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