I Will Miss

I will miss our very huge bathtub. Not because we ever used it for actual baths, where you fill the thing with suds and sit there for awhile to relax and read, with candles and bubbles all around, but because your elbows don’t hit the sides and the extra width helped with my whole balance problem sometimes. A wider stance equals better odds of Sara staying upright.

I will miss living five minutes away from work. I will miss James living five minutes away from work. I will miss living next door to the Metro even though we hardly ever took it into the city except when James works there twice a week. Or once.

I will miss our giant walk-in closet. I will miss our giant walk-in pantry, separate from where the washer and dryer are. I will miss our counters and our excessive cabinet space. I’ll miss our dining room and it’s standard track lighting.

I’ll miss our patio and swimming pool as well as the gym I used to try to use on a semi-regular basis, especially during the pre-wedding slim down.

I’ll miss the trees outside our living room window and the pair of morning doves that couldn’t build a nest on the building ledge to save their lives. I’m going to miss sitting in the recliner and catching their inept flutterings in the corner of my eye as I watch television and ignoring the show for who knows how long just watching them fumble around each other, bringing up twigs, knocking them back down again. I will miss being fascinated.

I will also, in a way, miss the lack of space. These two people have lived together in cramped one-bedroom apartments for quite some time. And even though I’ve always felt the square footage, I never really minded. It’s nice to see each other often, kiss each other whenever we get up to do anything. Get water, food, go to the bathroom, answer the phone, anything. I know that there are a lot of people out there that probably couldn’t stand living on top of each other like this for very long. But it’s been… it’s been the best time of my life.

So, consider this me mourning. With change, it always comes. On a Saturday night, and I’m still packing boxes to keep shuttling tomorrow, and I’m watching sentimental movies on the Oxygen network, and I’m thinking about leaving the comfort of this apartment, this home, for a new one, one that I’m indescribably excited about, because I know that it’s going to be, well, even more wonderful than I can imagine. Because it’s us. Our life. Together. Home.

I’m looking forward to too many things to list. I was going to try, but I think I’ll go back to my movie now, and leave the “new exciting things” list for another time.


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