Boiling Blood

Every time the commercial comes on for this movie, I come as close to gnashing my teeth as I ever have come before. My body tenses up and every fiber of my being starts to get that burnt-toast feeling. It was five years ago. Five. Does anyone get that? Most people don’t even go to their five-year high school reunion because the pain of their awkward adolescence is still too much to deal with after only five years’ distance. Who is going to pay money to see this? We were all there. Even if we weren’t, you know, there there. We saw the footage on the news for days and days. We heard and read the stories. We all felt the towers collapse. We all felt the world change at that moment. This is the kind of movie that digs into the still-raw wound to prevent the blood from clotting and scabbing over, rebuilding the skin. It hurts me that there is a movie like this, especially because it lacks any benefit of historical perspective, the 20/20 vision of hindsight, if you will.

Another thing that James brought up to me, and I happen to agree, is that Americans need to stop celebrating their defeat. This blow cannot be the “defining moment” of our generation. I won’t stand for it. Let the defining moment be something, anything else. And yes, I know that the film focuses on personal victory in the face of tragedy, but in the very act of making the film at this point on the timeline, we are still “celebrating” that day. And I know that so many people lost their lives, their loved ones, and so many lives are still at risk. Each experience of the day is going to be personal, but this movie is probably not going to touch on anyone’s internal struggles with it aside from the characters it follows through the events, if it can even manage to do justice to them. I’m just uncomfortable with the whole thing. The dust just hasn’t had the proper time to settle yet. I mean, do we really need a movie to help us heal?

And for the record, I was uncomfortable with the United 93 movie, too. I haven’t seen that one. Don’t plan to. And I don’t plan to see this one, either. I honestly don’t understand why I should.

The second part of my rant today is brought to you by the terrorist activity in London yesterday. Now, throughout the whole course of writing this blog, I have usually managed to keep my content pretty personal. I don’t like arguing issues or talking about politics, because I know that I am often out of touch and un- or mis-informed regarding such matters. But I just have to say one thing about the London situation. Why do the bad people have to go and ruin it for everybody? I mean, first, the crystal meth cookers ruined it for all the people who legitimately need antihistamines to live a normal, or at least less itchy, life, but now that we’ve grown accustomed to a variety of liquid and electronic conveniences when we travel, the bad guys go and get it all taken away from us.

But hey, I guess that’s the point, right? To ruin everything. So we can go and make some movies about it instead of processing and learning from it ourselves. Sigh.


One thought on “Boiling Blood

  1. lowster11 says:

    Now we have to use crystal meth for antihistamines!

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