Reading for Fun?

My mom is here. She is too awesome for words. Okay, just had to get that said. Now, onto the rest of it all.

Teacher Lady did one of those meme things that the bloggers tend to love. I liked this one because it was about books. But it got me thinking how I couldn’t really complete it right now because of that one question, “What are you reading right now?” since I know that the Ikea catalogue doesn’t count.

I know I’ve only been back in school for two years, but what did I read before these classes and exam studies took up all of my “free” time? I know Margaret Atwood is good, and I wish she would come out with another book soon because I think I’m almost through her whole portfolio. There were a few woman-centered books on Teacher Lady’s list that sounded interesting, provided they’re not too preachy and the writing is straightforward enough. I’m sick of reading poetry criticism, at least for awhile, and possibly need a break from poetry altogether, although I do appreciate creative uses of language. I am also sick of reading about mortgages, money management, and being a homeowner. We are actually doing that stuff now, with the painting and the carpeting and possibly even installing our own laminate flooring. These things are best experienced, I feel, so I’ll read instruction manuals, but then I’m done. Anyway, I don’t know where I put my list of “books to read when I have a minute after the EXAM,” so I’m asking anyone who reads regularly, or anyone who’s just stumbled over from the “next blog” button, please offer me some suggestions. Anything at all, I’m open to it, as long as it’s not too academic, though I never mind learning new things.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here with the Ikea catalogue and a disappointed wallet.


One thought on “Reading for Fun?

  1. Shari says:

    Memoirs of Cleopatra. AWESOME book and 900+ pages, so it will last a while (or apparently 4 days, if you read like Michelle). She has my copy, which I’m happy to lend you if you can’t find it at a library and don’t want to buy. I don’t mind shipping 🙂

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