Fortune’s Fool

It’s over. And of course, as I knew, I was all freaked out for nothing. I am elated. To celebrate my most likely exam success (the best success being that it is completed and from what I gather, fairly well), James and I went carpet shopping, followed by a trip to the new place, a trip to Ikea to get some idea of how much more money we’re going to be dropping out of our pockets over the next few weeks, and then to an awesome dinner at P.F. Chang’s.

It was a good day. Except for this headache, which was supposed to not come back again after the exam was over. There must be some residual stress chemicals in here somewhere reeking residual havoc with my head.

So, all evening, I have repeated thousands of times variations on the phrase, “My exam is over!” James has been amused both by that and my general good humor. The best part of the evening came with the fortune cookies, though. You’ll never believe it. The fortune I got, well, damn if it wasn’t a sign.


It’s always nice to find confidence in a cookie.


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