Where am I? Where are my pants?

Is it Wednesday already? I don’t know where these last few days have gone, honestly. But you’ll be proud of me, dear readers, because as of Monday evening, I was finished with all my homework for my class. The only thing not included in that is the collaborative projects, the stalling of which is still at this point out of my control. Everything else is done. I have succeeded in keeping on top of or ahead on my homework for the entire duration of this class. I believe that this is a first for me. As you know, I often have trouble working ahead. Usually I don’t see the point of doing anything ahead of time that can be put off until it really needs to be done. Not this time, though. I knew that we were going to be busy this week, so I made sure that I put extra pressure on myself to do extra ahead work. And it paid off. I’m done. Next, the studying. I will be glad when that exam is done, too. A week from Friday.

But first, as of 12:30 this afternoon, James and I are officially homeowners. And compared with the nightmares I’d had of endless stacks of papers to sign, the signing and the paperwork was really nothing. Everything went very smoothly with our entire transaction from the beginning searching to the passing of the keys. There were the normal bumps that freak a first-time buyer out, like not knowing how much money we needed to bring until the banks were almost closed yesterday evening, but the freakouts, however intense, thankfully were brief. I owe that to our wonderful mortgage brokers, who were always available to talk me down from the ledge.

I don’t have much else to say, except that I can’t believe how fast everything went. We have some plans for this evening, dinner followed by a mortgage seminar, related to the quick payoff program I mentioned a few posts ago. We are just very excited and relieved that everything went as right as it did. Thanks for everyone who sent their good thoughts in our direction. I’m sure it helped.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting more regularly, especially after the exam is through and we’re into the redecorating, updating, and moving processes. I like it when things go as planned. More on that later, too.


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