Only a Year Already

May 2005In high school, I had this friend, known now as the Mazecontroller. We had fallen into friendship through nerdy things like gaming and writing. He had other friends with whom he gamed and associated, friends from before I knew him, friends from grade school. Many friends who eventually met each other, connected, which expanded our circle of friends, cultivating deeper friendships as we grew and matured toward, into, and all through college (and after). Even those who left Milwaukee remained close with those who stayed in town, or nearby. Friendships grew stronger. Relationships came and went. I ended up marrying one of those friends.

To be honest, I don’t really remember the very first time I met James. He was just around every once in awhile, then eventually, more than once in awhile. I always thought he was quite good looking, with his dark hair and pale blue-green eyes. I liked the sound of his voice and the way he told a story. And after a couple of relationships of mine, which ran their course and ended, suddenly, there he was, and there I was, ready for him. We were already good friends. We knew each other, we understood each other and tried not to ruin each other. We kissed once and couldn’t stop.

July 8, 2006Today, we have been husband and wife for one year. One year already. Yet, it’s only been one year. It doesn’t seem like so much has changed since we’ve been friends. Since that first kiss. But really, everything has changed. He has made me better. He has made me laugh so much. James has given me everything I have ever looked for in a partner, a friend, a lover. And every day, especially this one, I thank my lucky stars that all the forces of the universe and friendship brought us together.

I am so blessed to have someone in my life to support me, encourage me, laugh and dream with me. Someone who can still surprise me even though I know him so well. Someone with whom I can play, be a dork, be myself. Someone who envisions the same life and future that I do, who looks in the same direction as me, who helps me read the map. Marriage, I know, is not always easy, but when two people are as connected as we are, it’s never as hard as it might seem. And the best part? He totally wants me.

Happy anniversary, my love, my best friend. I could not ask for a better match, a better life than the one we’ve made, the one we’re making.


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