Flip Cup

There is a reason that I don’t really drink anymore. Yes, a glass of wine here or there, the occasional wine cooler or beer at a barbecue, a vodka tonic if I’m feeling saucy. But while I’ve enjoyed the odd keg party in my time, I’m pretty much over that whole crazy scene. I’ve never played a game of Quarters or Beer Pong in my life, though I have watched a few.

Last night was a birthday party/kegger for a couple of buddies, two men who share a townhouse. You can tell that it is the abode of a couple of bachelors because immediately upon entering the front door, you are confronted with the Largest. High-definition. Television. You. Have. Ever. Seen. There are a couple couches and in the kitchen, a Beer Pong table, but that might have just been set up for the benefit of last night’s festivities. I’m not trying to make any judgment, here, just noting the differences between a house where guys live versus a house where a girl might hang out on a regular basis. Anyway, we went to the party, the place was packed, everyone was crowding onto the back balcony because the air-conditioning was busted, and it was like a sauna indoors. Also, that’s where the kegs were.

I was tired yesterday, I admit it, but I also agreed to go with James to this party because neither of us had been very social the last few weeks/months/whatever. Besides, going to a party at someone’s house is a really cheap night out. It was fun for awhile, and I’m glad we went. I’m starting to get to know a lot of that group of people because of the softball league, so I didn’t feel completely lost while James went off and did his own thing. Unfortunately, we both drank a little much, or a little wrong, and today neither of us have been feeling quite right.

I don’t know, even though I had a good time (until I started getting sleepy and people started making fun of me for being sleepy and it wasn’t even after 1:00am), the whole big party thing just isn’t in my comfort level anymore. Everyone gets drunk and stupid (although I did hear someone make a joke that referenced Icarus of Greek mythology fame), and it’s hard to really connect in that environment. And in my old age, the connection to other people is something I’ve come to value more and more. In fact, I much prefer getting drunk and stupid among a small-ish group of good friends than at a large party of strangers/acquaintances or even at a bar/danceclub environment. Because those large gatherings can be kind of overwhelming without some sort of inebriation, though, it’s easier to just go along with the beer in your hand, try a round or two of Flip Cup, and end up just a little bit off for it the next day.

I guess all that I’m saying is that it’s been awhile since we’ve partied like we did last night, and there’s a reason that we don’t. We’re not 21 anymore. It’s not a bad thing, it just is. Maybe there are moments when we miss the days when we could party so hard on a regular basis, but overall, I’m pretty glad that I don’t feel like this on a regular basis. Especially since we had a game today. Oddly enough, though, even with half the team hungover, we played pretty darn well. Hell, we might have even won a game if the thunderstorm hadn’t put an end to it. Go figure.


One thought on “Flip Cup

  1. Pete Bogs says:

    men’s abodes are also distinguishable from women’s by the reading material in the bathroom…

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