The American Dream

condo It’s hard to believe that the last time I wrote anything here was on Tuesday. Everything seems to have been happening so fast, and yet, Tuesday seems just so far away. It’s also hard to believe that all of this is actually happening. When our offer was accepted, Tuesday morning, I seriously had trouble breathing. I was elated. It was the best feeling, and I can’t imagine how crushed I would have been if I had spent so much time so nervously waiting only to hear that our best offer was rejected. Fortunately, we were so close that the seller had mercy. I think our realtor’s enthusiasm for us also didn’t hurt. But as soon as that elation at our offer being accepted had a chance to stretch out, there was a whole different set of worries to address. We needed a home inspection, a look at the association documents, and we needed to address the complete mortgage situation.

We were lucky. And I thank God that we timed everything so right. We got a decent interest rate at a point when they’re only going to go up for awhile while the market stabilizes itself. We got a monthly payment that isn’t going to make us “house poor,” though we will probably have to go back to clipping coupons and living for awhile without a few of our current luxuries. We know it will be worth it.

bathroom mirrorsDo you want to hear about the place? Well, I’ve been talking about it pretty much non-stop since we first saw it a week ago, so for the sake of those I’ve spoken to during that time, I’ll keep this brief. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms. It’s really more like two bedrooms plus a den, but it’s still bigger than we were expecting. In fact, not three weeks ago, we were talking about one-bedrooms. Yikes. It’s really a nice size, though the living room is laid out kind of funny so there might be some couch issues. But we will address those at a later date. The bottom line is there is some space for our current stuff and also room to grow. It’s a lower-level unit, that walks out into a back yard of sorts. And though this “yard” is a common area, it’s also just outside our place, so it kind of feels like ours. The bathroom has a phone in it, but I’ve been told we’ll be getting rid of that. We will also be getting rid of all the curtains, though for the meantime, it’s kind of nice to have them there. The kitchen will need some updating, but we’re looking forward to doing that. The den has built-in bookshelves like the owner knew we were coming. The front closet has a secret storage compartment that looks perfect for luggage and Christmas decorations. The master bedroom has his and hers closets, and we will also have a full-size washer and dryer. What else? Updated heating/air-conditioning, that is, the heat pump is only a few years old. Nice neighborhood, though it will be a commute, which is something that we really haven’t had to deal with much since we’ve lived five minutes from our respective jobs for three years now. But we knew we’d have to adjust to that, too, when we began looking.

We are scheduled to close on July 26th, and we’ll be in “full contract” mode after this Monday. Please continue keeping your fingers crossed that everything continues to go smoothly until then, at which point, we’ll officially be homeowners. What a great anniversary present! I’m so excited I can hardly read/write/work (all things I need to think about instead of the home-stuff). I’m glad that most of the big worries are done, that is, we had the home inspection yesterday and our place passed with flying colors, and we got our mortgage process going in full swing yesterday, though we need to have one more meeting with our broker next week. So, overall, things have evened out, I have a little time to think and process, now, and of course, blog it.

Feel free to visit my flickr set for more condo photos.


2 thoughts on “The American Dream

  1. Hey, congratulations on getting your offer accepted! That’s great!!

    Your comment on my housing situation made me laugh because the place will never, ever be paid off – so making money on anything but the equity will be the only way I come out ahead. I have two mortgages, one of which is an interest only, so I’m NEVER paying it down, and the other is a FORTY YEAR! Can you believe that? Blech. Well I guess that’s what I get for trying to buy a place all on my own…

  2. Sara says:

    God bless creative financing!–>

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