Second Base

It’s already time for our next game tomorrow, and I haven’t even really said anything about the last one.

We lost again, but it was one of the most fun games so far. It almost makes me sad that there’s only three weeks left.

The regular girl who plays second base was a no-show, so since I was there, I sort of took on the position by default. And you know what? I’m alright. And it was fun. I caught a fly ball, caught it when it was thrown to me, made a couple of throws to first, and moved in the right direction when the ball was hit. I knew where to be, and what to do, and I knew when and what I wasn’t doing quite right. It was easy enough to follow the direction, and acceptable to me because I so rarely get to play infield, that I was all too happy to do what I was told because I really do want to stay at that position. And it looks like I might, since apparently, I played somewhat better than the no-show girl.

I also made it on base a couple of times, though my batting does still leave some things to be desired. I got to second base, and I was happy because I hadn’t made it there too many times yet. And everyone cheered me on. On the next hit, I got all the way home. And that was just too awesome for words. I was so visibly excited and happy that my attitude inspired two of James’ coworkers to tell him what a cute wife he has. So that totally made my day even more.

Last night four of us on the team met for a short practice. It was me and three boys. I was catching and throwing better than all of them, and that’s no lie, even though I thought about sugar coating a little because men can be sensitive about these sporty things. I think that the guys are getting upset because our team as a whole just can’t seem to get it together enough to really win. Our only two wins have been the result of forfeit.

There is another theory in place, however, and that is that it’s possible that our fearless leader, who was supposed to get us into the low/no-talent league tier, actually put us into a level that’s, well, our of our league. Oh well. I’m having fun proving myself as a girl who doesn’t always have to be stuck in right or right center. I’m in the infield, now, baby, and it feels good!


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