Memorial Weekend, Part Deux

Okay, where was I? Short on time, that’s where.

Anyway, the next couple of days, we just hung out, ate and drank, played some games, did a little fishing. I guess there’s really not many verbs and descriptions to share from that weekend. My sister had baked an angel-food cake and brought some strawberries and whipped cream to put on the top. We made a fire again on Sunday night and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. Dad and I took my brother’s kids to get some ice cream. They each got huge cones and we sat at the counter. We sat on the porch and read in the sun. Or talked. My niece and I chatted for a long time one afternoon. It was fun. She’s a good kid, and I hope that she does something amazing with her life. I read her “Bio-book,” a project she had put together about herself and her life for school. And I read my nephew’s autobiography. They were both really good. They’re all such amazing kids, so different from each other, but a lot like their parents in many ways. It was fun to watch James teach Zach how to play Cribbage. And Tony couldn’t get enough of Bullshit, though we didn’t always have a group big enough to play, so he probably had his fill of Go Fish instead.

Saturday night, we left the kids in the cabin, watching movies or already asleep and went to the bar at the lodge. We played bar dice (for fun, since we were all on the same tab) and James played some pool with my parents. I was starting to get sick, so the beer didn’t really sit well with me. When we got back to the cabin, it seemed like the lot of them were pretty tipsy. My brother was trying to hang from the log that stretched across the ceiling, since he’s tall and he could reach. So Mom thought it looked like fun, and had him lift her up so she could hang, too. Then we played Asshole and drank something blue that tasted like medicine.

James and I went to bed before the rest of them, and they called us “newlyweds” like it was supposed to embarrass us. But they might have just been a little jealous.

It was fun hanging out with the family. We all get along so well, it is neat to just sit back, like my dad did so often, and look around at everyone in amazement that so many of us share blood and other bonds, yet we laugh and hang just like friends. It hasn’t always been this way with us, but it’s hard to remember not wanting to be around those people, my parents, sister, because I really do miss them being so far away. I’d like to think I’d still want to make time to hang with them like that even if we lived closer. They really are a blast.

And I think that’s all I have to say there. A little disjointed, I know, but I’ve been busy compromising on condos, working, playing second base, and tackling dactyls. So I just had to get this memory jotted down so I can get back to the present again for awhile.


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