Just Out of Reach

I’m going to continue with at least one more post about the rest of Memorial weekend, but first, a moment in the present.

We found a super-awesome condo today and were so enamored of it that we sat a long time with our realtor discussing the process of putting in an offer. However, when we got home and took yet another cold hard look at the black and red of our finances, it was not to be.

It’s a strange type of disappointment. I know that there’s a place out there for us, maybe not as much space or as many bedrooms as we originally thought we could afford, but something that will still make us property owners. And we’re still going forward with the search, but scaled back. Way back. We were shooting too high. We got way out of our comfort zone. And as much as I realize this, at the same time I somehow thought that if we could afford $X, then we could probably afford $100 more than $X per month. And hell, if we’re already up that high, what’s another $100? Stupid, right? But aren’t there so many people with so much less than we have who are somehow able to get more? This whole real estate thing is such a headache.

We’ve come to the compromise that we’ll take a one-bedroom if it keeps us in a good location and makes homeowners out of us at the price that we decide. We’ll stop looking at places that would have to negotiate DOWN to the HIGH END of our range of approval. And we will find a good home that will get us into a great one a couple more years down the road. It’s still an investment. With luck, it will be a little bigger than our current one-bedroom place. And who knows? That amazing two-bedroom condo could sit on the market another month or two and they might be happy to have our wimpy little offer in hand.


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