In The Now: A Brief Summary with Bullets

Since we got back from Wisconsin, several changes are afoot. I already lost this post once today, so I’ll keep it short and sweet because it’s almost time for bed.

  • I got sick on vacation. Nasty cough. Stuffy in the head.
  • I shared my illness with the husband.
  • I made tea with honey.
  • We lost sleep on Wednesday with all the coughing and sniffling.
  • On Thursday we took advantage of the miracle of NyQuil.
  • We viewed our first home property.
  • We flipped a little because we don’t have the pre-approval necessary to make an offer if we do find something worth making an offer on.
  • The more I read about mortgages, the more confused the information gets in my brain.
  • I began full-time hours at the Chamber today.
  • I spent my lunch hour with someone I don’t see nearly as much as I’d like.
  • When did an hour get so short?
  • How can the same amount of time seem so long just because there’s no air-conditioning in the office?
  • The A/C has been broken for over a week.
  • Will it be fixed tomorrow for real?
  • It’s anyone’s guess.
  • I start my summer class tomorrow.
  • My exam is looming ever closer. The date is August 4th.
  • Our softball team won their first two games on Saturday. By forfeit.
  • Our softball team lost the two games that James and I played on Sunday.
  • I stopped an outfield bounce with my un-gloved hand.
  • It is still tender.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. I just wanted to interject the stuff that’s not already a week and a half old into these retro-posts of late. Just to keep everyone up to speed. Things are still happening. Some good, some stress, all part of life.


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